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Troy practices two types of law at Portland Defender: Criminal Defense and Landlord-Tenant Law. Troy can be reached by calling 503.592.0606 or email troy@portlanddefender.com

On the criminal defense side of things, he defends people who are accused of crimes like assault, burglary, and DUII.  He takes misdemeanor and felony cases to trial.

On the landlord-tenant side of things, he represents tenants who have bad landlords. He carefully picks-and-chooses his civil cases and represents people who have justice on their side.

Prior to forming Portland Defender, Troy practiced at the largest litigation law firm in the Pacific Northwest, defending people and organizations in a variety of cases, including wrongful death, personal injury, and intentional torts.  He knows how corporate defense attorneys and insurance companies work.

When not in the courtroom, Troy can be found in his garden tending to his heirloom tomatoes. A Portland native, Troy enjoys the variety of outdoor adventures the Pacific Northwest has to offer including hiking, backpacking, and stand-up paddle boarding. Troy lives with his wife Stefanie, son Charlie, and cat Jackie in Northeast Portland.

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