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Proven Results in Criminal Defense Cases

Proven Results

Troy Pickard has been recognized for being one of the leading DUI, Assault, Resisting Arrest, and Criminal Defense attorneys in the jurisdictions where he has practiced law. Below are examples of case results from courts in Oregon and California.

Criminal Results

  • Felony domestic violence assault and strangulation – dismissed
  • Multiple firearms offenses – reduced to a single infraction with no jail time and no fines
  • Dozens of misdemeanor cases dismissed on defense motions
  • Hit and Run – Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Multiple Resisting Arrest Trials – Not Guilty Jury Verdict or dismissed entirely after trial
  • Burglary and Theft – Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Unlawful discharge of firearm – all evidence of firearm and ammunition kept out after unlawful search motion
  • Assault – Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Reckless Driving – Not Guilty Jury Verdict
  • Intimidation – Not Guilty Jury Verdict

DUI Dismissals

  • Multiple DUI dismissals where the client’s due process or other rights were violated
  • Multiple DUI dismissals where Troy Pickard attacked the government’s evidence of intoxication
  • DUI dismissal upon demonstrating that the evidence of intoxication was based on the client’s medical condition
  • Many DUI dismissals upon demonstrating that the client’s speedy trial rights were violated

Every case is different, so don’t roll the dice – contact Portland Defender today to protect your rights and your future.